Welcome to my site!
I am Grisel Salazar.

I am a Political Scientist, scholar, and researcher at the Universidad Iberoamericana, in the Department of Social and Political Sciences.

My work analyzes the relationship between media systems and political regimes. I am interested in how media works under repressive and non-democratic conditions.

In my research, I have evidenced that particular configurations of both societal and institutional constrains can mediate the effect of attempts of censorship. 

I hold a Ph.D degree in Public Policy and a Master’s degree in Political Science.

My most recent work is the book Beyond violence: alliances and resistances of local Mexican press (CIDE, 2022, in Spanish)where I examine the press-politics relations in the subnational realm.

My research interests are: political communication, media and democratization, transparency and accountability and political institutions.

I also like running, traveling and cooking.